Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Biology 101 -- The Parts of a Seed

Today I will share with you a simple concept that will hopefully keep you all knowledgeable of the world around you.

My 101 courses are meant to cut straight to the point--No fluff, no extra information, nothing not required. They will give you what you need to know.

A seed is divided into five major components: Coat, Cotyledon, Leaf, Stem, and Root
The seed coat is like the amniotic sac that human babies are suspended in. It protect the rest of the seed from environmental factors such as temperature, chemicals, and predators.

The cotyledon is like the placenta for a fetus. It provides nutrients to the other parts of the plant.

The Root, Stem, and Leaves are like the actual fetus. The root acts as the part that gathers nutrients and also becomes both the mouth and the legs. The stem is like your body and structure. It is the bones of the plant waiting to be built. The leaves are like the arms and eyes. They capture sunlight and give it to the rest of the body.

For the seed to grow it need proper temperature, proper humidity (enough water), and enough nutrients. Germination starts when gravity pulls down on the root. This triggers the water to build up pressure called turgor pressure. The turgor pressure causes the stem to face upward, and pushes it through the soil as it grows into the sunlight.

Some seeds have one cotyledon, others have two. This is what they mean by Monocots and Dicots.

I hope this little bit of information can shed some light on the world around you. It is the bare bone basics of what you need to know. Feel free to ask about specific things or research on your own for more details!


  1. Crikey! I didn't know that the roof stem and leaves are similar to that of an actual fetus! Interesting post! :)

  2. It's like being back in Elementary school again. :P

  3. I remember back in my days Biology was a big thing in schools and colleges.

  4. Very informational. Can't wait for more!


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