Saturday, December 3, 2011

My Last Day of the Semester

          Today was my last day of student observation. It was pretty emotional for me to say the least. There were some classes and some students I just did not want to tell that it was my last day. I feel I would have cried... or at least have to hold back a lot of tears. I am glad for this though. I know I want to be a teacher now and I plan on continuing with this path.

          I believe there are people who choose to do teaching as a backup for two reasons. The first is that the person is genuinely interested in giving knowledge to these students. They accept that they have either reached their limit or know that they will be good with imparting this information onto the kids so they are able to teach without envy, anger, jealousy, or passivity. The second type of backup plan teacher is the one who thinks that it is an easy job and it will be something to fall back on in-case their main objective is not completed. While that is somewhat true for any type of backup plan--you have to know that teaching takes your entire being and it is not something you should be doing if it is something you only do as a job.
Students learn best from educated teachers. Students learn best from teachers who actually know how to teach and actually can teach. A professor is not a teacher. These professors in college suck at teaching and if you want an experience in lower levels like that then you need to get out of this profession right now.

          I got some cookies and a cup/thermos from my mentor. I bet I would have gotten letters or something if more people found out but I would not have been able to read them without crying so that is another reason I decided to keep quiet most of the time.

          If any of my students read this I just want you all to know that I will miss you a lot. I hope you all go far and continue to work hard in school. I want each of you to succeed. If I did not say goodbye it is because I could not bare to have myself become so vulnerable in front of you all. Thank you all very much--Each of you have taught me more than I could ever teach you.

--Mr. Sanford/Tetsero


  1. You sound like a very dedicated teacher. Your students were lucky to have a teacher that cares so much.

  2. Oh man, why can't we have more teachers like you that actually care about the students. :|


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