Sunday, December 4, 2011

Recent Experience in League of Legends

          I recently played a ranked game in League of Legends and just as everyone reached 100% my internet flashed out. It came back on an hour later and, of course, the game was over. I got a leaver status as Soraka in a ranked game. I felt awful so I did hope that I was reported. I then posted on the forums hoping someone on the team I was on at least knew it was not on purpose so they would not feel so bad.
          The main reason I am writing this is because League of Legends has a nice community--but you have to be nice yourself in order to contribute to that community. Do not call people names or insult anyone. If someone is doing such things--just report them (or say you will report them but do not really do it--sometimes people have to be reminded to be pleasant and nice). Do not go around returning insults or getting out of control when someone says or does something you do not agree with. Also you have to remember that being not as skilled as someone else is not something you can ban someone for.
          So League of Legends can be fun as long as everyone there is fun to be with. Let us remember to have an exciting time being summoners and playing on the Fields of Justice! I hope to see all of you there! I have included a link to sign up for the game and I encourage you all to use this link to sign up and get at least to level 5! That's when the game starts to become fun.

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